"A lot of training materials pass through our hands, and you can count on one hand the ones that are impressive - and yours are truly impressive!"

Paul, Protec

"Best school and best instructor I have ever come across Phil at capt.gs (Caledonian Advanced Pilot Training) Phil really knows his stuff. I have a PhD in physics and the knowledge he displayed in the consolidation days about almost everything astonished me. It was also really good value compared to other schools. All the rest of the students I met there were also impressed by the quality of the school..."


"That's me done with an average of 86.5% across all thirteen exams and to say I'm over the moon is a complete understatement! Many thanks to you for the insightful and brilliant brush up days in Troon and also for your excellent notes, really could not have done this otherwise."

Richard T

"Again, thanks a lot for the professional notes, without which I never could have passed these tests."

Stephan K

"My IR is complete! I just wanted to say a big thank you for all your help and wisdom. I found your material excellent to work from and it was great to do it all properly with integrity rather than just question banking."


"Thanks for the great ground school. It was worth all the way from Thailand to attend your class."


"Just wanted to say a massive thanks for the ground school I just completed with you at White Waltham. It was exactly just what I needed with no BS. I feel way more prepared than just a few days ago and I really appreciated the no-nonsense yet relaxed tuition. Looking forward to the exams now if you can believe that... "

Daniel C

"I have to say I was impressed. C**S material is extremely variable, often it is little more than an extended list reflecting the learning objectives. I found I had to do a lot of extra internet searching to help me understand. I found your material more connected. You flow nicely from one topic to the next and I found I was thinking about how different parts of the syllabus actually overlap. I also enjoyed the way you sprinkle real life examples into the notes, putting them in context and bringing the subject further to life. Tight, concise and well written with some excellent illustrations. Wish I'd found you earlier!"

Piers C

"I just wanted to tell you that in March, I got job at Wizz Air and now I just finished my TR for A320 :) Thank you for you help during ATPL, for good notes and knowledge, it was very helpful during assesment process."

Jan J

"I would like to say thank you for running the consolidation course this past weekend, I gained a lot from it and not just knowledge for the exams but some real-world insights."

Richard T

"Both hard-copy and soft-copy training materials received very quickly. The depth of material was great, with the ordering and grouping of subjects being very logical for me. Love the quirky humour, which made the learning more enjoyable and memorable. The ground school/consolidation days were really, really insightful - not just for learning the subjects, but also for general aviation knowledge. The flexibility of the training was also really great for me, as it allowed me to plan my own exam sittings - 4 sittings a few months apart, with the number of subjects in each sitting varying depending on what I felt ready for. "


"The good news is I have passed all 14 subjects now and with a GPA I am most pleased with. Now comes the fun part of the EASA flying conversion process of my Australian licences. Thanks for your help with that, your books were a great resource!"


"Thank you again for the week over Troon it was really instructive, with good fun and tips for the exams. I went to do 7 exams in Ayr and I passed them all, that's great."

Neil F

"Thanks for this week; I'm not sure that this sort of theory is meant to be great fun, but it is to me! A pleasant change from being in the office, that's for sure."


"Very well structured course with excellent study material, rapid support. Face to face session in a relaxed atmosphere. The experience and skills of the teacher transmits confidence to the students. All 14 exams passed on the first attempt in a period of 13 months with an average score of 86%. Without your excellent material it would not have been possible."


"Highly professional and enjoyable atmosphere during the course. We covered every subject of ATPL with details for different scenarios. We also covered the differences between airplane and helicopter procedures. The emphasis on practical aspects was the main focus and I am very glad, that I chose this course. I learned a lot, Thank you very much!"


"The Module 1 folder arrived with me yesterday, the quality is much better than I was expecting. I took [my] part 66 B1.3 & B1.4 licences back in 2003 with Licence by Post, the notes cost far more, but were half the quality of yours!"


"Result published this morning - 83% pass. Another successful CAPT theory course outcome. Thanks and also for your help and great reference books which worked well for me over the past six months."

David C

"Thank you for a very user-friendly set of course notes and fantastic ground school flexibility. I’m very happy to have completed the [CBIR] TK in 2.5 months!."


"I just wanted to say thank you for your help with the ground school, I know my case was a bit different as I already had an ATPL(H. Your book was a big help, pretty much straight to the point for what I needed to do the 5 exams. Again, many thanks for everything."


"Thanks so much for everything - notes were great, really enjoyed the humour! Ditto with your 206 book and pilots manual. "


"Good news! During the last 2 days I passed 11 of the tests first try. I'll do the remaining 3 in a few weeks when the Austrian Test-center is back from their vacation. Thank you Phil for all the help and your amazing notes!"


"So far so good, if there's something I don't quite get from Bristol CBT or OAA CBT, another quick look at your manuals usually clears thing up for me, simply because of plain English. A major point for me as English isn't my first language."


"You were the only school to give me sensible answers when I telephoned."


"Didn't catch you at breakfast before leaving this morning, but wanted to say thanks for two great weeks of consolidation. Lots of great stuff for use on the exams and tips for the future career. And most importantly great fun and jokes :)"


"Just wanted to let you know, I got the results for the [ATPL(A)] tests I took this week, passed all 14 with an average of 93.9%, lowest OPS at 86%. I love the material, it is concise and has good tips for real world flying."


"Thanks again for your course, books were great, also read your helicopter pilots handbook you gave me which was good. Richard was great at explaining the last 3 subjects as well. I will be recommending yourselfs to everybody that is going down the same route as myself."


"Today: Passed all!! Very happy with the 95% score on Gen Nav. Thank you for providing great literature and reference. If it wasn't for the quality of your books, I would have thrown them out of the house, which I would have if it was OXXXXXXXX books;-)"


"Hi Phil - Please find attached my feedback form. Many Thanks to you, it's down to your material and course I was able to get through in 3 sittings and thankfully pass them without any resits. Look forward to the next step now."

Ollie N

"I have now completed my training towards the CPL and wanted to say quick thanks to you and your team. Daunting as the exams are – I was happy not having to flick through hundreds of unnecessary pages as compared to some other theory providers! "


"I just wanted to say a big thank you to yourself, Gerry, Miguel and Richard for getting me through all of the exams with a first time pass and 92% average! Initially I was concerned and uncertain I'd be able to achieve the results needed whilst holding down a full time job and balancing family life (especially with my second child being born in the middle of my course) but your material and the structure of it made it possible, so thank you. The consolidation courses were a great aid and helped tidy up all of those gaps enabling me to be best prepared for the exams."


"Its a lovely day here today, all the better for me passing my skills test on Saturday, and so have achieved CPL (H) - Hurrah! Thanks to you and CAPT for the excellent grounding in theory, which the guys down here at Fast converted into practical."

Jon S

"Thank you Phil and Richard for the quality instruction and mentoring which enabled to achieve a 90% average for my ATPL(H) exams. You have been both accommodating and supportive throughout the course and allowed me to complete the course within the timeline set. With a view of a career flying the oil rigs, Caledonian have facilitated me to achieve my goals."

Ed F

"Thank you so much not only for clearly getting me through the exams but also for taking me on at such short notice and tailoring a course to my individual requirements. I'm really happy with the results of these last 5 exams. Over 90% in Gen Nav and Radio Nav, the two subjects which I was worried about due to their complexity and quantity of numbers respectively."

Matt S

"I am coming to the end of my progress tests for module 1 and feeling much more confident with this material than I had with XXXXXXX Academy (The references to Monty Python also helped)."

Chris J

"Just wanted to let you now that I received my CPL POF results last week and I got 94%, so very pleased with that and wanted to say thank you to you and your team for all the help and very easily digestable information you provide!"

Michael S

"Many thanks to both Gerry and your good self for a great week, I found it very useful and enjoyable! All I need to do now is pass the exams!"

John M

"Just to let you know that I recently passed my OASC at RAF Cranwell to join the Fleet Air Arm. I can genuinely say that I wouldn't have been able to do it without having done your course. Cheers mate!"


"As you know, I took all of the exams last week, and I wanted to say thank you for the training; I felt well prepared for the exams."

Dave C

"Just wanted to say thanks as well for you help and the excellent instruction over the last couple of months from Gerry, Richard and Miguel. Its been a great relief to have passed all of the exams first time and am sure I couldn't have done it without all of your support."


"Thank you so much for your support and expertise during the last months. I really appreciate it and I'm sure, that with your books and your study material, I have the best requirements to pass the exams in Germany."


"The instructors [at my IR school] say they've found my background knowledge and skill level to be excellent."


"I also would like to take the oppurtunity to thank you for helping me passing all these IR exams. The books and tutors you provide are just outstanding. That your school also offered such a great flexibility so I was able to run the course in my own time also helped a great deal. CAPT is just number one in my view! "


"THANK YOU SO MUCH for the great course, and everything else, that made it possible for me to pass everything in one shot and only 3 months in total!!!"


"Thanks for all the help from you, Richard and Gerry. Your notes were a pleasure to study from and provided me with everything I needed during my studies. It only took me one try to pass all the exams but I couldn't have done it without the CAPT-team. CU, somewhere, someplace..."


"Hi there Phil - Just a quick note to let you know, although I am sure you will know already, that I passed all my last batch of exams, and I am DELIGHTED!! Thanks again for your support and encouragement, I have now to get stuck into the practical course with Ian at Fast Helicopters. I will keep you advised of how I get on. I thought the course you have put together was thorough, interesting and well structured for learning from home. Thankyou!! "

Jon S

"Well that is the start so far! I am liking the way the course is set up. I have learned some good stuff and looking forward to completing the course."


"Wow! Thanks Phil. Better result than I expected. Your textbooks are spot on! "


"I got all the materials and the CD and started studying this Monday. Thanks for the quick delivery! Just like I expected from my experience with your Bell 206 Book (which was the first and most important one I read when I began my PPL on the 206, and which was a major reason for choosing your course now), the material is extremely well structured and written in a way that really makes it a pleasure to read and learn. I'm almost done with Module 1 by now and still have to say, great way to learn that stuff, not many boring parts in there, and written in a fun way."

Frederic S

"Having recently, successfully completed the Commercial Pilot (Helicopters) ground school examinations as a student of Caledonian Advanced Pilot Training I can confirm my complete satisfaction with the CAPT organisation.

The subject matter in the text books is clear, concise and written in a manner which is simple to follow. The weekly progress tests are both challenging and rewarding as a mechanism for evaluating the student's progress.

The ground school refresher courses are run by enthusiastic instructors with an encyclopaedic knowledge of the relevant subject matter whom project a professional manner without being overly formal. I found that the most impressive features of the CAPT training programme was the additional information included for clarity in the study material and the invaluable tips that have also been included by the author as a result of many years as a pilot and instructor.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend CAPT as a training organisation to any prospective student looking for a well proven and established, professional training organisation."

Andy M

"As you can see, I haven't been following the order of study suggested... I really like your material, just get stuck in one subject and can't switch until I'm done. I figured it wouldn't be any problem since my previous studies. !"

Karl S

"Brilliant, I thought it was too good to be true, so didn't want to get excited too quickly. Your excellent tutelage has paid dividends; I am really pleased - Thanks Phil. More study today :) "


"Your notes are absolutely fantastic. I really like your way to explain things in the easiest way and I also like your examples in the text. I read your notes with pleasure and I am so happy that I don't have to use these stupid xxxxxx books…:"

Peter Z

"Just to let you know that I passed my CPL skill test on Tuesday. So I am all done! Thank you for your help and I am more than happy to recommend your school as that's the only way I could have achieved it."


"Just to let you know that I sat Met, Airlaw and IR Comm yesterday and I think it went rather well. Your book covers all subjects just perfect and that together with the Bristol Question Bank should hopefully provide me with a pass. Will find out in a couple of weeks I suppose ;-) ."


"I found the few days I spent down with you chaps pretty helpful. I personally found the way that Gerry worked things the most beneficial with regards to preparation for the exam. Doing various mock papers and then going through them in detail. The other subjects were helpful and improved my insight but without going through sample exam questions I felt that I did not improve in the way that I did on PoF and HP. Anyway, just my opinion on how it went. Definitely positive overall and really good to meet the other students. Good luck fixing up the simulator - can't wait to see it working!"


"You are a star for getting me through this Phil.."

Trevor C

"Thank you for making me choose CAPT for groundschool, Im really satisfied with the material, and I really enjoy all the real-life stories in the book."


"Thank you for all your help. Your notes and support were of top quality and I would reccomend you to anyone who wants to convert."

Mike L

"Many thanks for your help with the Dragon debacle, and for the great training course - couldn't've done it without you!!"

Sean H

"Good to see you again at the Helitech today. Thanks again for your course, first time pass in all 14 subjects with a 93% average."

David G

"Just a short note to thank you for your help and support in the first module. It was a great relief to get that envelope on Friday, I had convinced myself that I must have failed each one after going through it in my head for the umpteenth time. Clearly the learning process that you have developed is successful. I look forward to the next module."

Mark C


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